We need drivers!

Do you travel back and forth from Denver or Grand Junction?  We need help transporting dogs from Denver and Grand Junction so if you happen to be going – this is a perfect and easy way to help Lucky Day! All you need is a car and the will to help save an animal. If you are located in Denver and would like to help – we can always meet you in Vail.  There are numerous transportation opportunities and it is such a vital part of our organization.  Please consider transportation as an avenue to help us.

Ways to help:

  • Sign up as a transporter by filling in the contact form below and we will contact you when we need an animal picked up or dropped off.  Also, let us know when you are driving to and from either Denver or Grand Junction, we may just need a ride for someone.
  • Even if you aren’t going to Denver, we often need help picking up a dog half way – usually in Vail – and bringing them back up the valley.

Important tips to remember when transporting:

  • You must be very careful when transporting as all dogs are a flight risk when coming off of transport.  Every dog needs to be secured either in a crate or on a leash with a snug collar.
  • Never open a car door unless you have the dog on a leash and have a hold of the leash BEFORE opening the car door.  We recommend you put the seat belt through the handle of the leash and fasten it while driving.
  • You MUST have a slip lead before going to transport.  Dogs can very easily slip out of their collars.  If you don’t have one, we can provide one for you.
  • For safety reasons, please do not bring your personal pets along on Lucky Day transports. Our rescues come from crowded shelters and we are not always 100% sure of their health and temperament.



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