Happy Tails

Good dogs are with us for a little while to teach us how to love like it’s OUR job. . .because it is.
~lessons in loving from our most constant friends~


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This is my rescue dog Spek after a hard day of playing with his best buddy Riggs. My husband and I adopted him 2 years ago from Lucky Day. He is our little guy! He loves to be outside, he likes to chase squirrels and bunnies, he likes to dig in the dirt, long walks and is a huge cuddler.
When we first got him, he would get overly excited and a bit nutty when he saw other dogs. It took working hard with him and patience and today although he still gets excited, he is soooo much better and listens to commands to chill out. I wanted to say that because I don’t believe you should shy away from adopting an animal because of behavioral reasons. Work hard and love on them and I truly believe you will get the outcome you are looking for.
So grateful we found each other!


Thanks for checking. She’s doing really great!! She’s a snuggle puppy, a class clown, and gets along famously with other dogs. Yesterday we did an hour road trip south to a beach walk in Northumberland (Bamburgh). Our friends have a skiddish, barking black lab. 3 years ago I would worry about Sallie fighting with her…. she’s grown to have a calming effect on these bully dogs. It’s cute! Hope all is well in Colorado.

Take good care! – Deb



“We really couldn’t be happier. He’s a perfect match for us. I’m enrolling him in Good Dog Grade School today. If there’s still an opening, we’ll start in a week. He is so sweet and

just wants to be friends with everyone. He doesn’t really like being outside alone, but I think that will change once he gets more comfortable.

I’d like to say that working with you and Lucky Day had been the best rescue experience we’ve had. I’m super impressed and thankful for the hard work you do.”




“Cashew (fka Ebi) is our sweet little nut, we love him so much! He loves swimming, and running with Rob and
me. He’s great on a leash and has learned so many fun tricks (how to cover his nose, double high five, roll over, etc)!”







“Kona is doing awesome!! She is really opening up and becoming a happy, happy girl. She is so cuddly and sweet that Bart and I can hardly stand it. She and Diesel get along pretty well. I have caught them just a couple of times playing a bit, but mostly they just cuddle up together on the chair. She has adjusted well to having just a few teeth. It’s so cute when her little tongue sticks out when she’s sleeping. She loves running around in the yard and paces in circles when she’s excited. We couldn’t be happier. I will forward some pictures later. Thanks for all that you and Lucky Day do for our homeless pets”



Hello Rachel

Libby is great and adjusting awesome with us and the boys. She has been a great addition to our family. Here are some pictures from the past month. She is such a sweetheart and loves laying on the sofa with us. As I write this she is snoring away in her bed alongside Bruin.


Dave Stone


paxtonPaxton (Pax for short) is a wonderful addition! He’s loving and never meets a stranger. He loves laying out in the sun with Rory, my 12 year old Parson Russell Terrier. I say he gives “High 10s and Low 10s” because when he sees me he stands up on his hind legs and puts his paws up like he’s really giving a high 10. Then I put my hands down low and he gives a low 10 too. He gets so happy he wags his butt rather than just his tail.  I love him to pieces!


maverick“Morning! It’s Jenn Geller, Maverick’s Mom. We just celebrated one year with Maverick and I wanted to send you some recent photos of him. He is such an awesome dog. All of our friends have dog envy! Also, I realized I didn’t let you know that his heartworm test came back negative. He is officially heartworm free!

Good news – love this dog so much!


AutzenHi Rachel,

Autzen is fantastic and the two of us are doing great. He’s really calmed down and turned into an amazing pup…and yes I love him to death.  He’s got the run of the house and yard and 5 days a week he’s in the car going somewhere fun.  Right now he gets 3-4 days a week at camp bow wow in Golden for about 8 hours at a time and 1-2 days he’s in the office with me. As much as he loves camp, he is crazy happy when he gets to go to the office and run around our massive building. It didn’t take him long to learn the rules at the office and he’s doing great! He’s super smart…..and a very picky eater I might add. lol
I can tell you he’s loved by all that meet him. He’s so sweet. At night after a day of play he’s so tired that he sits next to me and sleeps until it’s time to go play the next day. 🙂
Honestly, I couldn’t be happier with him and the joy he has brought to me.  I’m hoping sometime later this year to get him a brother or sister so you’ll be hearing from me when that time comes.
Hope you enjoy the photos!!

Sadie playing in the water

Hi Kelley!

We wanted to send some pictures your way of Sadie exploring Summit County! It has been so much fun hiking and watching her swim in the rivers. She will swim around in the water even if she is not retrieving anything — so funny. She also loves exploring on our hikes and never seems to run out of energy. It is amazing. But Sadie has the unique ability to never be hyper or crazy in the house. She truly is the greatest dog. People always seem surprised when they meet her or watch her swim and then learn that she is a pitt bull. Sadie is a fantastic breed ambassador and there are already tons of people in the area that have fallen in love with her. I, of course, am one of them.I feel so lucky to have been connected with her through Lucky Day. Thank you for all of your help. I truly appreciate it.  All the best

– Katie and Sadie

Winston was separated from his brother Riley and they were adopted separately.  Winston went to a lovely family in New Castle who had lost their beloved Great Dane “Scooby” a couple of months earlier.  After a few months of Winston being the only dog in the house, the family welcomed Rex, a very laid back Great Dane puppy.  They describe Rex as a “Homer Simpson” type, and Winston as “Einstein”, always planning and calculating.  They have great fun together, with Winston taking the big brother role to the gigantic Rex, always making sure Rex is OK.  We are so excited to see Winston happy and healthy in his forever home with his wonderful family and new “little” brother.

Spoke with Jessica and she said that Zena/Lucy is doing wonderful. She said they feel like they have known her forever. They brought her to the water and she loves it. Wade is so happy about that since he river rafts all the time.

The children love her and can’t stop kissing her. Wade took her to work today. They are going camping this weekend and will send pictures of her.

They might keep her name as Zena because she answers to it.


First update—–

Oscar is a very sweet boy! My kids love him and he is very patient with them; letting them love all over him.  He does well on leash walks but can get scared with traffic so we have been avoiding busy streets.

He is learning the ropes at our home and making himself at home.  He is sharing a bedroom with our son which they both love!  Thank you all for helping us find him.


Hi Foster Mom,

Morgan here. just wanted to let you know the weather is really nice out here. I’m settling in ok. the older Bassett, pebbles, likes me and she lets me sleep on her dog bed whenever I want. the younger one, violet, took a while to like me. but I just turned on my Morgan charm and told her stories all the time and now she likes to chase me and tries to play tug o war with me. My new mom has a pond and I used to go in it to drink water. she thought she fixed me of going in, but she didn’t!! I surprised her and came running in the house dripping wet, it was funny. there are something called coyotes here and I bark at them, just to make sure they know I’m here. I want to thank you for giving me a wonderful foster home and helping me find a my always home. I think I’m gonna like it here. I go walking everyday and it seems to be sunny a lot! I keep hearing I am going to the beach or maybe on some boat soon! what’s a boat?

take care and I’ll write again soon,

Dear Kelly and John,

Our first week with Hajde has been nothing short of awesome! What a great dog! I think he has adopted us! At first, he was not so happy with all the snow on the trails, but now, it is not his favorite surface but he does let the snow stop him. He is eating well with a lamb/potato dog food, spritzed with some salmon oil. He still scratches, but not as much and he can easily be distracted. He sleeps the night through at my side of the bed on the floor, on a pillow of course!. He just loves riding in the car.

I am planning on having him evaluated as a reading therapy dog. I think his mellow disposition will be a great asset in helping elementary students with their reading.

All in all, it has been an outstanding week! Thank you all for your part in bringing us together.


We took Hajde (previously Mister) to the dog park in Breckenridge today for the first time. He had a great time being off- leash for the first time and he was very obedient, coming when called, most of the time!

Thank you,

On Maisey:

Kelley & Rachel,

Thank you for rescuing this goofy little girl. She has settled in really nicely already, with only one small accidental puddle. We walked the property yesterday, and she met horses, cats and goats. My kids skyped in to meet their new sister, and she was amazed with the picture calling her name.


Hi Kelley!

Lyla, who we’ve renamed to Timber! is doing amazing! She is a very happy girl and has adapted perfectly. She seems happy all of the time!

I’ve included just SOME of the 300ish photos I’ve taken so far! She has been hiking lots and has had a couple of play dates with my friend’s dogs (both labs). It’s funny how many people recognize her wherever we go from her photos in the paper!

She is learning something new every day. Including lay down, stay, drop, come, load-up, bed, and potty! She even (we think) knows her name already! We have found she has taken a liking to rocks though!

crazy girl. Today may be a water play date in Grand Junction to see how she loves it.

Thanks again and I’ll keep you posted!

Ryan and Bryan

Jake was great the whole ride home. He’s totally fine with my cats and is now resting comfortably after a long day. He’s such a sweetie! I’m lucky to have him. Thank you!




Hi Kelley,

Just wanted to let you know things are still going incredibly well, Charlie is such a great dog, I can’t thank you enough for letting me bring him home.

It’s taken Allison awhile to trust him after the whole knock down moment but today I found them on the floor together with his head in her lap as she gave him belly rubs, it was such a sweet moment, I tried to catch it on camera, but they both are too curious as to what I am taking pictures of. A few days ago, when she was in trouble and heading to time out he followed, very concerned but not nervous and licked her tears while she was in time out. We spent the time petting him and getting calmed down, as soon as I felt her shift from angry and upset, he shifted from mellow love sponge to bouncy, ready to play puppy. I believe I have another therapy dog here!

He is such a great fit for our family, Matt and I are just tickled to watch him learn and make good choices, it’s been so much fun! He is doing great on both leashed and free hikes, he’s great with the kids and is starting to show his protective side. The other day we were in the car getting ready to leave the grocery store when some people started talking to Orin through the window, Charlie was fine with it for the first minute, but then started a low growl when things went on too long. Nothing over the top, he just wasn’t comfortable with strangers hanging out by HIS car talking to HIS baby.

Last week we met with some friends at the coffee shop in Beulah, he was tied out front on the patio while the kids played. A woman was coming in and was very nervous about him, within 20 minutes, she was petting him, letting him chew her shoelaces, much to my chagrin, and when it was time to go, she told me if I got tired of him she would take him off my hands. I just laughed, but it was neat to know that other people can see what a great guy he is. I can’t wait to see how things unfold. I am still trying to get a good picture of him and Abe, but here’s one with the old boys in the background. Hope all is well with you and your family, thank you again!


hello to everyone!

just wanted to give you the update with Herman. we hiked both Saturday and Sunday on trails with heavy doggie activity and he did great! lots of big dogs all shapes and sizes and Herman couldn’t have been calmer and happier! he did the doggie dance and kept on going. he also had interaction with a great dane this weekend and could have cared less! we hung out with friends this weekend who have a large fuzzy dog and they had fun together!

we are having so much fun with Herman. he makes us laugh.

judy, we did buy him a kong and he loves it when it’s stuffed with peanut butter! thanks again for all you and ed did. Herman is in our lives because of your kindness.

have a great week and keep saying little prayers for Herman! he deserves the best!


On Gracie:

Absolutely amazing! She made herself right at home from the moment we stepped in the door. No accidents, almost like no adjustment period at all, already sleeping with the boys or us through the night, and it’s like she’s been around as long as Spike. The only sound we’ve heard out of her is whimpering and whining when she wants to play and Spike doesn’t, and it cracks the kids up!

Thanks so much for selecting us to bring her home; we are beyond ecstatic with how she has fit in and are fortunate to have added her to our family.


Fritz is a perfect match! thank you to everyone that made it happen.

He is adjusting well and could not be more suitable in all ways.

I will call Deb and Roger to let them know how well he is doing. Their good care made his transition much better.

Again thanks to all who contributed to this gift for both of us.


Just wanted to say hi and let you know that Chloe, now Sopris, is doing great.

I wanted to send you some updated pictures of Parker (Diesel). This is from a day in Estes Park this past weekend. As you can see, he is happy and loves the water. What a goof we have! We love him very much and love the addition to our family. He has learned to swim and loves when we take him to the lake. We take him to the park every day and he now loves to ride in the doggie bike trailer. Our trips to Starbucks on the bike are a fun. Now that it is warming up, we are looking forward to teaching him to ride in the kayak. We already have his life vest.

Thank you so much for letting us have Parker. He and Bowen are the best of buds and is a happy addition to our family.

Michele and Paul


Bryna is doing great, she has started to relax, you can tell she wants to play with other dogs and people but is still unsure about it.  We took her for a long hike the other day, we have started bike training her and she is on the river today.


Road Trip!

Road Trip!

I wanted to send you some updated pictures of Parker (Diesel). This is from a day in Estes Park this past weekend. As you can see, he is happy and loves the water. What a goof we have! We love him very much and love the addition to our family.  He has learned to swim and loves when we take him to the lake. We take him to the park every day and he now loves to ride in the doggie bike trailer. Our trips to Starbucks on the bike are a fun. Now that it is warming up, we are looking forward to teaching him to ride in the kayak. We already have his life vest.

Lovin' the water.

Lovin’ the water.

Thank you so much for letting us have Parker. He and Bowen are the best of buds and is a happy addition to our family.

Michele and Paul
Cheyenne, WY




Hi Kelley!

Things are going well, I introduced a backpack to our walks and it made a world of difference, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to exercise him properly before he wore it. His pace is sooo fast, I would have to jog to keep him focused and that’s a bit more than I could do with a stroller and a four year old!

It was really cool the way he told me he liked “Charlie”. We had gotten as far a Glenwood Canyon before Ally needed to potty, so we hit a rest area, after she was finished I decided to change Orin too, I laid him on the dog bed and Hugo gave him a little lick on the hand, gave me one lick on my hand and went to watching a Doberman going potty. I was talking to Orin, doing my thing, and in the same tone I asked, “Are you Charlie?’ He immediately turned from watching the dog, and with a bright look in his eyes, gave me 3-4 fast licks on the chin, and went back to watching the dog. Seemed an obvious yes to me!

I am having alot of fun getting back into trainer mode, and he is settling in really well, an obedience class is in his near future, then hopefully agility this winter. I think he will really respond to clicker training, so that’s coming in this week.

All in all, I think this is going to be a great fit for both us and him, and I really know that to be true when he curls up in my lap, buries his face in my chest and heaves a big sigh.

Thank you for all you do, and thank Ariel too. I hope she finds the joy in letting the foster’s go home!


Here is a happy boy running around on the Ranch and of course, Rascal in his zippy, blue down vest for winter. I thank Lucky Day every single day for bringing Rascal into our lives. I am so in love with him!!!!!!

Hope you are well,